Athletes dedicated to their sport can be hard on their body. Pushing yourself at high levels of any sport can cause damage to the joints and muscles; pilates is a perfect way to balance out high intensity training and help reduce risk of injury. The calm and controlled exercises will give you a greater understanding of your body, improving flexibility, strength, endurance and range of movement allowing you to achieve more and greater enjoyment of your sport. 

  • 45 - 60 minutes sessions 
  • tailor- made sessions
  • postural assessment 
  • bespoke home programmes provided 

Rehabilitation sessions

These sessions are designed for those suffering from a past injury, pain or a few little niggles. You will be given an evaluation followed by a personalised programme. This will target the affected area using gentle exercises and stretches, bringing your body back to its correct posture and strengthening the damaged muscles, providing relief and woking towards removing the discomfort altogether and avoiding relapse. 

  • 45 - 60 minutes sessions
  • tailor-made gentle sessions 
  • postural assessment 
  • bespoke home programmes provided

Post/Ante Natal

Special sessions for mums and mums to be - for individuals or small groups. Pregnancy is a special time during which it is important to keep your level of fitness up. Pilates is a great way to keep fit but gentle enough for you and your baby. What pilates can do for you:

  • help strengthen pelvic floor before and after birth
  • help tone your body after birth 
  • help relax your body and mind during and after pregnancy
  • help you to understand your body as it changes 


Small Group sessions

This is a brilliant way to create a fun and intimate exercise experience, where your family and friends become a support group for one another adding an enjoyable social aspect to your pilates. These are usually in the comfort of your own home or email to book studio space.

Popular group sessions:

  • friends
  • ante-natal groups 
  • mums and babies 
  • families
  • couples  
  • sports clubs 



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