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Align Pilates With Rosie 

Pilates is a great way to feel better, enhance posture, recover from old or new injuries, relax and take the stress out of your busy life. It is more than just exercise; you will learn how to understand and control your body while improving and maintaining fitness.

I take great pride in a teaching programme that is tailored to individuals, whether you attend group classes or one-to-one sessions. Our time together will be calm, friendly and professional; my goal is that you will leave feeling refreshed, healthy and happy.

One to One sessions 


One-to-one sessions give you personal tailored support and feedback and are the quickest way to achieve your goals. Each session is bespoke, designed to fit the requirements of your body.  These are usually given in the comfort of your home.




Join our family! Classes are a great way to enhance your fitness and improve posture in a social setting. All classes are kept small to ensure safety and a positive environment in which you still receive essential personal attention. 


Rosie Jules Andrews

Rosie Jules Andrews trained as a professional dancer until injury forced her to retire. She retrained as a dance teacher with the British Ballet Organisation in London and has taught dance throughout Angus and Tayside. During her recovery from injury she discovered the healing benefits of Pilates and went on to become a fully qualified matwork and Post/Ante natal APPI (Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute) teacher. 

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